“I’m done wasting my energy on someone who doesn’t appreciate me.”

“I deserve better than being treated like an option.”

“I’m done making excuses for someone’s bad behavior.”

“I’m done sacrificing my own happiness for someone who doesn’t care.”

“I’m done chasing after someone who doesn’t want to be caught.”

“I’m done pretending that everything is okay when it’s not.”

“I’m done waiting for someone to change when they’ve shown me who they truly are.”

“I’m done settling for less than I deserve.”

“I’m done investing my time in someone who doesn’t value it.”

“I’m done allowing someone to dictate my worth.”

“I’m done being taken for granted.”

“I’m done being a doormat for someone’s selfishness.”

“I’m done being the only one trying in this relationship.”

“I’m done being the backup plan.”

“I’m done giving second chances to someone who doesn’t learn from their mistakes.”

“I’m done being the one who always gets hurt.”

“I’m done holding onto someone who let go a long time ago.”

“I’m done giving my heart to someone who doesn’t appreciate its value.”

“I’m done being a placeholder until something better comes along.”

“I’m done accepting crumbs when I deserve the whole cake.”

“I’m done being someone’s source of temporary happiness.”

“I’m done begging for someone’s attention.”

“I’m done trying to fix a relationship that’s broken beyond repair.”

“I’m done being in a one-sided love affair.”

“I’m done fighting for someone who wouldn’t lift a finger for me.”

“I’m done making someone a priority when I’m just an option to them.”

“I’m done being with someone who doesn’t see my worth.”

“I’m done allowing someone to manipulate my emotions.”

“I’m done being a prisoner to someone’s toxic behavior.”

“I’m done with the drama and ready to move on to a healthier and happier chapter of my life.”